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Business Office & Outdoor Display Area

Business Office & Outdoor Display Area

This is outside in front of our building. Come look any time!


643 13th Ave S, Hopkins, MN 55343


(612) 208-6003

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We typically work until late November so there is still space for normally scheduled projects and a couple of “on the bubble” projects which will either be installed late this fall or early next spring.


We run one extremely talented crew (with us 5-10 years) with every piece of equipment you could possibly want.  This simplicity allows us all to know exactly what we’re doing and avoid mistakes/problems.  It’s how we know we can give clients the highest quality installation possible, every time.  My wife designs and sells every project, and the same guys and I make sure everything gets installed correctly.


Landscape construction can be complicated, and running our business this way keeps everything calm and under control.  We have no plans to add more crews and risk creating ourselves and our clients more problems or stress.  The way we do things now works really well.


Please feel free to contact us using the form below, and we can go from there.  Jodi responds to these generally in 0 to 2 days.  Thank you so much for visiting our page.  If we can’t accommodate your installation timing, please feel free to poke around here and our Facebook Page to look at photos and borrow some fun ideas you can incorporate into your own project.


Thanks!    ~Chris Axel